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29 October 2008 @ 04:33 pm
R1 Challenge #5: Results  
Finally the ties are broken!


by kitten_medli
Argh! Sad to see you go :( Thanks for all the fantastic entries and please keep voting!


by wecrash

(-1 point per negative vote, +3 points per positive vote)

1.+ + + - - = 7
2.- - - = -3
3.- - - - = -4
4.+ + + - - - = 6

1. +It's creative and unique. The characters have been blended together and use of text is very good
+The manipulation was done extremely well, and the contrast between the black/white image and blue/red type makes for an interesting icon.
-Having Vaan and Ashe connected is an innovative idea but it doesn't look very good. The text 'in your arms' also doesn't fit because frankly, the image doesn't show it. There's too much space where a simple flower brush or something else would have fit in well.
- The arrangement of the pictures is really nice and creative, but both picture are too dark. I really like the text arrangement though. And it would have looked better if Vaans head were complete and not cut off.
+ I thought the icon was a little too dark, and the red words are a little hard to read, but the effect of this icon is simple and amazing. Simply amazing. XD

2. - I actually have no problems with this icon, but the submissions this week are quite good and it's hard to decide on which one to eliminate. I'm afraid that I had to choose this one, because I don't think that it's dynamic enough. It's pretty, but a little boring, and the white texture with the text on it on the side seems very out of place.
- The image is too blurry and the light textures don't look nice on Ashe's neck.
- it seems like not much has been done to this icon other than maybe brightening it up and adding a texture.
3. -The picture is too dark and there is a great contrast between Balthier and the text.
- Although the use of texture is good, the typography is comparatively bland, and the crop more than a little conventional.
- the fact that pixels are visible makes it look low quality, but otherwise i love the coloring and the general look of the icon.
-The colouring is a bit off- it pixellates at Balthiers face and is alittle too yellow and green which doesn't suit the red and purples in it
4. - It's too simple and looks like not much efforst was put into it
+it's just very different from the others! and i love the smoky effect!
-The texture is battling for attention with the subject of the icon, making it quite confusing.
+Having desaturated colours in the icon works very well. There's much emotion in the icon and the cloudy textures blend well.
-I don't much like the darkness of this one and I thought that the image of Basch looked a little too squashed, thus making his face look a little like a mix between a potato and a fish.
+The atmosphere is wonderful, the crop of Basch is absolutely gorgeous and the misty texture and the background, too. The brightness and contrast is well balanced and it's textlessness is wonderful!

I will post the final challenge soon :D
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Katenavi_glow on October 29th, 2008 08:14 pm (UTC)
Glad your gonna stick around :D Thanks for being a fantastic participant! <3